Charlotte and her colleagues Lauren & Lizzie are available Tuesday-Thursday to treat people of all ages – babies through to the elderly:

  • Offering structural and cranial osteopathy treatments
  • New and long term muscle, joint and spinal pain treated in backs, necks, hips, knees, shoulders, hands & ankles
  • Specialist in treating postural related pain from work activities and during/after pregnancy

Our treatments involve hands-on techniques as well as discussing with patients' potential factors contributing to their pain and discomfort whether from work, a sport, posture, during/after pregnancy or their lifestyle.

We give tailored postural advice plus stretching or strengthening exercises to help patients with ongoing management of their symptoms and prevention of injury recurrence.

With this holistic treatment approach we encourage patients to play a part in their own recovery ensuring a long-term solution rather than just a quick fix.

If you're not sure whether osteopathy can help you, then please call 07957 563472 and one of us will be more than happy to talk through your individual situation and advise on whether osteopathy is suitable for you.

Clinic available in Coulsdon.

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What our patients say:

I broke my ankle in a fall and tore all the ligaments in my foot so was put in a plaster cast for 7 weeks. Charlotte started treating me immediately and gave me treatment to reduce the swelling which eased the pain greatly. Over the following weeks, she also treated my back and pelvis which had been affected by the fall.

After the cast was removed, her rehabilitation programme increased the movement in my ankle and gave me exercises to do in between my treatments. I am very grateful for the help she gave me and I was able to start going to the gym to do non-impact sports within 3 months and then ran my first 5k 6 months after my injury

Rachel McClenahan